Conference 17

2017 Yarra Valley Tourism Industry Conference

Improving Your Business

“I love working with the Tourism Providers of the Yarra Valley, they are always so open to learning. I also love working with and for TNYV, it’s always a pleasure. I also welcome you to join my group if you’re on FB where I continue to share great insights.
May you enjoy your new found passion and communication with your guests.” Lisa Wiking


“Congratulations to the organisers for a fantastic conference.  What a great venue, and it was so well run – with Helen performing an amazing job as MC.” Lynette Coulston


The Sandra Bardas Gallery at Worawa Aboriginal College Healesville  on July 19

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Lynette Coulston from iTandCoffee delivered the Keynote presentation.

Making the best use of your technology


Lynette Coulston owns and runs Melbourne based business, iTandCoffee.  After over 30 years in corporate IT, Lynette founded in 2012 – creating a business that is passionate about helping people enter and navigate the sometimes daunting world of technology – whether that be for business or personal use.

iTandCoffee is not your typical IT provider, offering IT Life Support, not just ‘Tech Support’. The focus at iTandCoffee is to help people to learn how to use their technology in a way that enhances their lives – making them feel more informed, organised, connected and productive.

While many people use technology daily, they are not always getting as much benefit from their tech as they can. iTandCoffee is passionate about showing others what is possible, offering technology education that is relevant, relaxed, fun, social and empowering.

Lynette invites all conference delegates and TNYV members to sign up for the fortnightly Handy Hints newsletter and to be part of the iTandCoffee Club. For a wealth of resources relating to the conference keynote address and more, click on the link below.

Lisa Wiking from Motivational Leadership is a highly regarded leadership expert, speaker, coach, published author and trainer. She coached participants on making positive first impressions by email and on the phone.

Increasing your Conversion Rate




Lisa’s message to all conference delegates and TNVY members:

If you’d like some feedback on your email template please email it to me at:
Or if you have any further questions please feel free to call me on 0408 711 769.

Check out Lisa’s website for valuable resources or join her on Facebook.

Eibhlin Haughney, Yarra Ranges Council Environmental Health Officer, provided highly relevant information on the following tourism related topics.


Background into Councils Health Department & involvement in Yarra Valley Tourism.

Brief info on food registration & Public health and wellbeing, Registration & requirements.

Provide some examples of when things have gone wrong for businesses. E.g food poisoning/ untreated water.

Link to other departments in Council where businesses might need to access permits/ registrations.

How can council further support businesses?

“It was great to be able to attend your event. I think it’s great to meet all of the businesses and explain all of councils functions and our approach to trying to make our customers and businesses our focus. Please keep in touch I’m more than happy to send out information and try help TNYV in any way I can.”

Expedia’s Associate Market Manager of Regional Victoria Kurt Ebert and Alessandra Paduos explored

Making your property stand out- be unique

Improving your listing

Getting better reviews by extending the guest experience

Expedia Inc. bringing new demand to the Yarra Valley was represented by Stewart Miller Senior Account Managers and Todd Todd Lacey Account Manager.

Online travel trends

To empower people to experience the world.

Stewart and Todd presented an overview of the current trends in the online market space including regional statistics and tips on how to make your property more bookable.

“Our goal is to provide business and leisure travellers with the most accessible and cost-effective way of discovering and booking the broadest selection of accommodation, in every corner of the world.”